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The 2019 Momaya Poetry Competition is in full swing!

Momaya is now accepting entries to the Poetry Competition on the theme “Masks”. Our contest is open to anyone writing in English and offers the opportunity for prizes and publication in the Momaya Poetry Review 2019. Entries may be up to 1,500 words long in any style so long as your poem fits the theme.

We all wear masks, shields that hide our deepest fears and emotions from the world, facades we put on at work, with family or friends. Other masks are physical, like the ones at kabuki theatre, a masked ball or halloween. Explore the seen and unseen with this year’s theme and show us where the truth really lies.


Read the Best Poems of 2018!

Momaya Poetry Review 2018

Congratulations Momaya Winners!

The following authors gained a place in the 2019 review based on the quality of their writing and treatment of theme. The stories we received dealt us equal shares of heartbreak and laughter. This year’s collection of stories teaches us that life is precious, even more so when we learn to see the bigger picture, to look at life through another person’s eyes. And really, isn’t that what storytelling is all about?

1st Place
A Handful of Nails, Matt Barnard

2nd Place
The Mess, Miki Lentin

3rd Place
Just for a While, Rosemary Mairs

Honourable Mention
The Lateral Move, Nicolas Berman & Rahul Mukherjee
Saint Catherine, Paul M. Clark
What We Could Have Been, Hazel Compton
If the Cap Fits, Michael Fleming
Chicken House, Miki Lentin
When Shall We Three Meet Again?, Angela McCrann
Flashlightpeople, Simon Terhaag

Also published, recognizing their treatment of theme
Garden Hope, Julie Balloo
Sanctuary, Kevin Crowe
Just the Loves You Need, Bear Gebhardt
The Note, John Holland
Shadow Day, Anthony Howcroft
Time Out, L. F. Roth
It Should Have Been Me, Margaret Morey
A Wrong Turn, K. C. Murdarasi
The Evocation, Lorri Nicholson
The Cat, Nicky Purser
Consider Our Ways, Paula Read
The Debt, MacKenzie Tastan
Doppelganger, Paul Whittle
The Methusalah Option, Mary V. Williams

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