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Congratulations to the poets published in the Momaya Poetry Review 2018

Momaya Poetry Review 20182018 seems best characterized by uncertainty, growth and change. On so many fronts, the battle between fear and anger, love and hate, simmered under the surface. It’s a fine line between adoration and enmity, both requiring an intensity of passion, an attachment to caring, a depth of emotionality. People the world over have been determining what they really want out of life and setting a course towards a truer connection to love. But what does that mean? What does a world of love look like?  This year, LOVE is the theme of the Momaya Poetry Review, where twenty-nine poets excavate the depths of their own hearts and paint the pages with the brushwork of their findings in verse.

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First Place: A Shakespearean Love Sonnet, Lorri Nicholson 
Second Place: Be that man, Mona Dash
Third Place: An Argument, Aurélien Thomas
Chosen for publication:
Wave, Gordon Aindow
Teenage Fever in Africa, Chrissie Akesi Chinebuah
Flirt with the Unknown, Solomon Au Yeung

How We Met, Sarah Barr
Ice Hotel, Sarah Barr

Weekend, Paul Bowers
Love (Parts 1 & 2), Philippa Briggs

The Dance, Geoffrey Brough
Clean Sweep, Stella Carruthers

Road Safety, Stella Carruthers
From Heaven She Came, Bashir Cassimally

Your Name, Coen
A Photo, Gillian Craig

The Undefeated, Bruce Leonard Harris
Us, Bruce Leonard Harris

Love Recalled, Carole Karatas
Reliving a Memory, Amy Grace Lam, Ph.D.

Yellow Brother, Amy Grace Lam, Ph.D.
The Last Time I Saw You, Ellis Logan

That thing we do (a renga), Ellis Logan
So Starts the Phase, Joseph Marshall

Loving Him To Death, Margaret Morey
My Body Knows You’re Leaving Me, Alisa Otte

Parents’ Song for a Wedding, Patricia Phillips
Spring, Mark Sheeky

X, Rajiv Sinha
This love, Stephanie Smith

And now the rainbow rushes wild, Hayley Solomon
The Blink, Hayley Solomon

Rewinding Our Time, Maria Stephenson
Waiting, Leslie Tate

A Bunch of Smiles, Aurélien Thomas
I Loved To Walk With Grandpa, Lilya Westmore

We are now accepting entries to the Poetry Competition 2019 on the theme “Masks”.


Congratulations to the writers published in the Momaya Short Story Review 2018


We enjoyed reading the diverse range of responses to our theme “Coming of Age” and thank the many writers who shared their stories with us. Read the best short stories of the year in The Momaya Short Story Review 2018.

We are now accepting entries to the Short Story Competition 2019 on the theme “Trading Places”.