Momaya Press Awards 2006

Momaya Press Awards Ceremony
30th November 2006

Hosted by the London Review Bookshop
London, United Kingdom 

The attendees enjoy a glass of wine while discussing the awards ceremony

Monisha Saldanha gave the following introduction at the awards ceremony:

A warm welcome to all of your gathered here tonight. Those who read, those who write, and especially, those who both read and write. I hope that by the end of the evening, those of you who have never tried to write a short story, will try, and those of you who do write, will write even more prolifically. Tonight is a celebration of those who have had the courage to put pen to paper (or hand to keyboard) and share the results with the world. I hope that every one of us will leave feeling inspired. We are part of a community of readers and writers, and events like tonight’s are rare opportunities to meet face to face. We should treasure the memory of nights like tonight. Welcome to the Momaya Press Awards Ceremony of 2006.

Monisha Saldanha introduces the Momaya Annual Awards Ceremony 2006

The idea for the Momaya Press was born in January 2004, when I started an evening creative writing course at the Mary Ward Centre, nearby in Holburn. Many of the writers I met had been struggling, some of them for many years, to find outlets to get their short stories published. The novel, particularly in the UK, is the preferred format for many publishers. But a novel, unlike a short story, cannot be easily written at weekends or evenings. Most individuals do not have the financial backing or bravado to take time off from working full-time to devote themselves to novel-writing. It occurred to me that an important service could be rendered, both to authors and readers, by devising a format to encourage writers to experiment with the short story, by providing a dedicated forum for them to be heard.

I started Momaya Press in partnership with Maya Cointreau, a professional website and print designer, and a writer as well. I took the role of finance and marketing communications, while Maya concentrated on designing the website and our publication, the Momaya Annual Review. Maya unfortunately cannot be with us here today, but for a very good reason – she gave birth to her first child earlier this year and is home with her husband Dennis and son Lucas in Connecticut.

The Momaya Annual Review 2006 as designed by Maya Cointreau

Maya and I consider this, our third, year to be very successful, having secured widespread interest and participation in our project. We’d like to take the time tonight to thank some of the many people who contributed to Momaya Press in the past year.

First, we’d like to thank our three judges, who took the time out of their busy schedules to participate on the panel that choose tonight’s winners. First, Lucy Alexander, who writes on a variety of topics at The Times Magazine.

Lucy Alexander introduces the 3rd place story

Second, Rosalind Porter, an editor at Random House and writer for the Spectator, the Times Literary Supplement, the Financial Times Magazine and Time Out. She is also co-editing a collection of new fiction to be published by Chatto & Windus in 2007.

Rosalind Porter introduces the 1st place story

Third, Claire Noizeres works as a literary agent at Andrew Nurnberg Associates where she sells translation rights of US and UK authors to France and finds new young European authors for international representation.

Claire Noizeres introduces the 2nd place story

Our thanks to the London Review Bookshop, which has very kindly served as the host of this event, featuring it in the London Review of Books and stocking the Momaya Annual Review for sale. Momaya Press also thanks the actors and actresses of the American Repertory Theatre of London, who will be giving dramatic readings of a selection of our published writing tonight. Last, but not least, we thank the writers who submitted 189 stories (an increase of 7% on the number of submissions we received in 2005). Authors submitted stories from seventeen countries around the world (an increase of one country from 2005): Australia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, China, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. Women accounted for 60% of the entries, and many writers chose to submit multiple stories.

The Momaya Annual Review 2006 contains some of the finest writing of the year, complimented by poems and photography. I would like to thank the writers, artists, judges, and others who have supported this project, and I would encourage everyone here to support the short story as an art form, both as readers and writers.

Now I would like to turn the floor over to the writers – after all, the Momaya Press Awards Ceremony is all about celebrating their words, not mine. It’s my pleasure to introduce Alexandra Hackleton, the winner of our inaugural competition in 2004.

Words from our writers

Alexandra Fox, First Place (2004) talks about her work since winning the first annual competition

Performance of selected pieces

3rd Place
The Villa, Laura Owen
Read by actor Daniel Landau

2nd Place
Lessons, Sheila Corbishley
Read by actress Francesca Wilde

1st Place
The Leaflet. John Hulme
Read by actor Jeffry Kaplow

The audience watches the actors perform

Attendees peruse the shelves of the London Review Bookshop over a glass of wine

Shannon Banks accepts an Honourable Mention award for “Hangers”

Alan McClure accepts an Honourable Mention award for “The Produce Section”

Jason Jackson accepts an Honourable Mention award for “Strays”

Jo Cannon accepts an Honourable Mention award for “Nasma’s Malady”

Sally Hinchcliffe accepts an Honourable Mention award for “Making Space”

Laura Owen accepts 3rd Place for “The Villa”

Sheila Corbishley accepts 2nd Place for “Lessons”

John Hulme accepts 1st Place for “The Leaflet”

Wine and discussion enjoyed by attendees to conclude the evening

Lucy Alexander (judge) and Duncan Innes Ker (attendee) chat after the event

Sheila Corbishley (2nd Place author) and judges Claire Noizeres and Rosalind Porter talk about writing

Congratulations to the authors published in the Momaya Annual Review 2006

First Place
John Hulme, The Leaflet

Second Place
Sheila Corbishley, Lessons

Third Place
Laura Owen, The Villa

Honourable Mention
Brad Adams, The Glimmering
Jo Cannon, Nasma’s Malady
Mark Fink, Do I Hear Seven Hundred and Fifty?
Sally Hinchcliffe, Making Space
Jason Jackson, Strays
Jordan Kushins, Just the One
Alan McClure, The Produce Section

To Be Published under Escape
Shannon Banks, Hangers
Katherine Fay, Curtin’s Legacy
David Fulton, Plan B
Babette Gallard, For Rany
Jennifer Hill, Passport
Leonard Kenyon, Pleasing Mother
Joleen Kuyper, One Afternoon
Pamela Lynn Palmer, Neither Man Nor Beast


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