Learning to play — let guitar music inspire your words.

iStock_000014327628_ExtraSmallThe Momaya Press Short Story Competition accepts entries on any topic related to music (deadline: 30 April 2013). ¬†However if you’re seeking inspiration, here’s an idea for you:
Choose a motivation for your character to learn the guitar. Is he a teenager hoping that if he plays well, he can join a band, and get laid?  Is she a rebel who wants to upset her wealthy parents, compose anarchic folk song and travel the country playing to earn her keep? Does pursing music bring redemption and hope, or cause chaos and loss?
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Maya Cointreau received a degree in Russian Literature from Smith College in 1996 and has over 18 years of experience in publishing and graphic arts. She has written and published eight fiction and non-fiction books, and was managing editor of DCC Magazine, a magazine with a circulation of more than 60,000 readers. She works as an artist and author from her studio in Connecticut. Her writing can be found at http://www.mayacointreau.com.