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Heat  is theme for the Momaya Annual Review 2012. First Place “Encephalartos” impressed all of the judges. The heady, fertile world of the botannical garden provides a sharp contrast with the dessicated spectre of the protagonist’s wife, who somehow manages to loom over the story despite never actually appearing.  In Second Place “Whisky and Honey”, dark deeds and betrayal mix with tenderness and heroism for a powerful story set in the oppressive heat of an urban summer.  The protagonist’s personal history is revealed, carefully and cleverly, to build sympathy for a character who at first seems unredeemable  in the Third Place “The Interview”. The thirteen stories in this collection treat the theme in unexpected and varied ways that deliver an entertaining reading experience.

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Maya Cointreau received a degree in Russian Literature from Smith College in 1996 and has over 18 years of experience in publishing and graphic arts. She has written and published eight fiction and non-fiction books, and was managing editor of DCC Magazine, a magazine with a circulation of more than 60,000 readers. She works as an artist and author from her studio in Connecticut. Her writing can be found at