The Momaya 2013 Annual Review and The Best Stories in a Decade, A Review of Momaya Press from 2004 to 2013, Now in Print!


Momaya Press is proud to announce the publication of two reviews this year. Momaya Press published its first Annual Short Story Review in 2004, and has had the honour of publishing over 150 talented authors since then. The Best Stories in a Decade is a commemorative collection every first, second and third place story from the last ten years.

At Momaya, every tale received is considered precious, a gift of creation that holds the spark of life within. Everyone has something important to say, Momaya provides a forum where authors can raise their voice and be heard.

“With each year and each edition I am not only struck by the writers’ clear passion and their immaculate craft but by the creativity and the ingenuity of the world in microcosm that I am able to enter and explore – sometimes startling, often unsettling but always rich and kaleidoscopic. Whether it is a tragic love story or a tale of greed and deception; a portrait of a crumbling marriage or a creepy glimpse of an underworld, the Momaya collections have always left an indelible mark on me as a reader. Congratulations Momaya Press and here is to another 10 years.”
– Kay Peddle, Editor at Random House, Momaya Judge

The 10th Momaya Short Story Competition attracted a large quantity of truly exceptional submissions, so we’re celebrating with our largest review of short stories ever. The theme this year was music, which inspired high-caliber stories across the globe.


We all can relate to music. Music is played at all significant events in our lives – both happy and sad. Just hearing a particular tune can set a mood for times to come or bring back memories of good and bad times past. Music is democratic: we all love (some) music. Music is divisive: we all have our own particular tastes. We all have an opinion and a reaction to music.

The stories you will read in this edition are some of the finest short stories written in 2013, anywhere in the world. In the First Place story “Lily’s Music”, a deaf girl’s enjoyment of music (through sensing the vibrations) elicits the attention of a dangerous man. The excitement of the golden era of Jazz in Harlem is captured in “The Open Door”, which placed second. The Third Place “The Place That Will Keep Us” tells the story of a guitar player’s son and daughter who are on the run and running out of options.

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