TOUCH is the theme for the annual Momaya Poetry Competition.

One of the five senses, touch brings us closer to the physical world, allows us to feel textures and connect. The cold, wet, softness of watermelon pickle on a hot day; the hard flexibility of a chainlink fence keeping us on the wrong side. Touch can bring us closer together or keep us apart. Use touch to show a scene, instead of telling, or to pull us deeper into a feeling and evoke emotion.

Selected entries will win cash prizes and be published in the Momaya Poetry Review 2020 in November. Even if you have never tried to write a poem before, we hope that you will try now!

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Harmony is the theme for the next Momaya Short Story Competition.

In a world that seems to have gone a bit crazy, we wanted to give our writers the opportunity to explore our efforts to live in harmony within ourselves, between ourselves, and with the natural world around us. Often fiction thrives on conflict, the exploration of the tension in the gap between what a protagonist wants and what they actually have.  What happens if the protagonist is able to resolve this conflict – either by achieving their goals or accepting their current reality? Can we envision a world without man-made conflict? Can we envision a world in which difference is accepted as a fact without it resulting in conflict?  Can we envision a future in which we live in a sustainable manner?  Can we write compelling fiction that isn’t about exploring a character’s pain?

We think this is a big challenge since most of the compelling books we have read about harmony tend to be non-fiction. For example, “The New Earth” and “The Power of Now” by Ekhardt Tolle, or “A Path With Heart” by Jack Kornfield. “Gilead” by Marilynne Robinson stands out as a fiction example of harmony.  We look forward to reading your own personal treatment of this theme.

We look forward to reading your own unique take on this theme. We are accepting entries now until the competition ends on 30 April 2021.